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There is a reason why our client list is GROWING EXPONENTIALLY, representing hundreds of hospitals, thousands of clinics, and many happy physicians!

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A Few Of Our Features

Easily assign "bite-sized" 5- minute training modules to address INDIVIDUAL TRAINING NEEDS, minimizing wasted time with irrelevant training.

Load an unlimited amount of YOUR OWN CONTENT using SCORM, TinCan, MP4, HTML5, SWF, PDF, and more file formats.

Most extensive library of "bite- sized" training built SPECIFICALLY FOR DOCTORS, ALREADY APPROVED FOR CME.

Machine learning algorithms built for healthcare "suggest" training to learners REDUCING WASTED TIME SEARCHING for meaningful content.

Rapidly develop and deliver your own custom content in about 1⁄4 OF THE TIME (AND COSTS) it would take using conventional tools.

Robust tracking, and ability to export training activity from our platform INTO YOUR SYSTEMWIDE HR AND LMS PLATFORMS.

Simple-to-Use Learner Interface

Mobile App Designed to Support Physician Performance


ImplementHIT iBeacon

ImplementHIT is the first to incorporate iBeacon technology to make training relevant and timely, critical factors for engaging physicians (patents pending). Our iBeacons are tiny computers, with a powerful ARM processor, memory, Bluetooth Smart module with built-in antennas powered by a coin battery that can power the device for over three years. Provide a notification and relevant training (i.e. local antibiotic resistance patterns, EHR documentation best practices) via a physician’s mobile phone when they approach an iBeacon at a place (i.e. ICU, exam room) or on an item (i.e. ultrasound device, dictaphone). The possibilities are endless!

ImplementHIT iBeacon
(actual size)

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Our Bite-Sized, Off-the-Shelf Content for Physicians


Providers have until October 1, 2016 to ensure encounters are coded to the highest level of ICD-10 specificity a.


Medicare estimates $45.8 Billion in incorrectly paid claims, most commonly (60.1%) due to lack of documentation to support servicesb.


Diagnostic Errors contribute to approximately 10% of patient deaths, & account for 6-17 % of adverse events in Hospitals c.


98.5% of CDI programs believe their physicians could improve their documentation practices. Lack of time (47%) and understanding of importance (66.5%) were listed as the top two barriers d.


20-50% of all antibiotics prescribed in U.S. hospitals are either unnecessary or inappropriate, leading to serious side effects, adverse drug reactions and C. diff infection e.


1/20 perioperative medication administrations included a Medication Error (ME) and/or Adverse Drug Event (ADE). More than 1/3rd of the MEs led to observed ADEs, and remaining 2/3rds had the potential for harm f.


By 2018, 90% of all Medicare fee- for-service payments will be tied to quality & value programs such as VBP & Readmissions Reduction Program g.


Adverse Drug Events account for nearly 700k ED visits & 100k hospitalizations each year. It is one of the most common types of inpatient errors h.


Our extensive "Off-the-Shelf" library includes thousands of micro courses built specifically for doctors, and accredited for CME Credit.

All content accredited for AMA PRA Category 1 CME Credit

a Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, American Medical Association. CMS and AMA Announce Efforts to Help Providers Get Ready For ICD-10 (2015)
b Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Medicare Fee-For-Service 2014 Improper Payments Report (2014)
c Institute of Medicine. Improving Diagnosis in Healthcare (2015)
d American Hospital Association. Emerging Trends for Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) in 2015 (2015)
e Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Core Elements of Hospital Antibiotic Stewardship Programs (2015)
f Nanji, et al. Evaluation of Perioperative Medication Errors and Adverse Drug Events (2015). Anesthesiology
g Sylvia Burwell. Statement from Secretary Burwell from Health and Human Services (2015).
h Agency for Healthcare Research and Knowledge (AHRQ). Patient Safety Primer: Medication Errors (2015).

Host an Unlimited Amount of Your Own Content

Our platform is built using Google Cloud Platform which is literally the same core cloud-based services and servers that power Gmail with hundreds of millions of users around the world. This gives us the scalability to easily provide training to every doctor in the U.S. at the same time, and allow our customers to load an unlimited amount of their own content at no additional costs!

Google BigQuery Analytics

Google BigQuery enables super-fast SQL queries using the processing power of Google’s infrastructure. BigQuery drives all reporting within our platform, so whether you are like our customer Alberta Health Services, the largest health system in Canada with 106 hospitals and over 9000 physicians, or Tucson Orthopaedics, a 40-physician practice, you’ll have the data you want, when you need it!

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ImplementHIT And IBM WatsonTM

ImplementHIT is an IBM Watson Ecosystem Partner, part of the IBM Watson Health initiative, bringing together a wide range of data powered by one of the most advanced cognitive and analytic technologies, redefining paths to better health by putting data to work ( click here to learn more ). We are using Watson in a number of ways, including predicting training outcomes to optimize training events before they even begin!

ImplementHIT and Tin Can xAPI

Over 60% of learning at an organization typically occurs outside of the Learner Management System (LMS). TinCan API (sometimes known as the Experience API or xAPI) is a specification for how to collect this learning and experience data that is often overlooked. xAPI was developed by the Advanced Distributed Learning initiative (ADL, creators of SCORM) and went live in 2013. As of January 2016, the ImplementHIT training platform is the only healthcare focused learner management system that is Tin Can compliant (we are also SCORM compliant).

SCORM vs Tin Can xAPI

You are probably already using a specification like SCORM to track some learning data, and ImplementHIT is SCORM compliant as well. However, the Tin Can xAPI has a number of advantages over the traditional SCORM method of tracking and recording physician learning activity, most notably Tin Can’s ability to record any type of learning activity whenever and wherever it takes place.

     SCORM       Tracking of Tin Can xAPI
Yes Completions Yes
Yes Timings Yes
Yes Pass / Fail Yes
Yes Single Scores Yes
Simulations Yes
Informal Learning Yes
Real-world Performance Yes
Offline Learning Yes
Interactive Learning Yes
Adaptive Learning Yes
Blended Learning Yes
Long-Term Learning Yes
Team-Based Learning Yes

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