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Bite-Sized Training

Our platform is optimized to deliver eLearning in “Bite-sized” increments 3-5 minutes in length, which are more easily consumed by learners, more supportive of advanced targeting and more cost effective to develop than traditional elearning.

Targeting by role, specialty and performance

Targeting can get down to the individual level, saving time while boosting relevance, and resulting in greater retention of knowledge.

Mobile App

Instantly access answers to common questions related to ICD-10, or the EHR. This type of “performance support” can reduce time to competency by 50%.

Wide Browser Compatibility

The majority of computers at hospitals run IE 7 & 8 (no longer supported by Microsoft). We maximize eLearning compatibility, so training can begin at work using these browsers, and continue at home with newer devices.

Fluency Assessments

Fluency assessments measure accuracy AND time using an EHR, more accurately assessing learner preparedness before and after training. Learners can also repeat assessments to increase their speed.

ICD-10 Library for 20+ Specialties

Our ICD-10 library consists of 5 minute learning modules by condition (Breast Cancer etc.) not chapters of ICD-10 (Chapter 2: Neoplasms) and targeted to 20+ specialties.


Customized to diagnosis & EHR workflow

We have developed entire custom elearning curriculums for the top EHRs ensuring training delivered reflects your screens, and workflows, supporting previous training efforts, not conflicting with them.

Pre & Post Implementation Training

Whether an EHR or ICD-10, physicians have told us they learn more after the implementation than before, and our curriculum and technology support both phases.

Off-The-Shelf “Bite-sized” eLearning

We have more off-the-shelf eLearning in Bite-Sized format than anyone else, with authoritative partners such as AHIMA for ICD-10, and HCQ for CDI. The bite-sized format is important because it is more effective than traditional online courses

Add Your Own Content

Import your own content as SCORM modules, or use our advanced content management tools to rapidly create & manage training content for computers and mobile.

Peer Driven “Social Suggestion”

To support continual learning, the platform can automatically send email reminders with direct links to the learner’s highest peer rated skills that they have yet to complete.

Advanced Content Management

Our advanced content management reduces the need for tools like Captivate, allowing SMEs to instantly create and update eLearning

Manage Classroom Training Online

Manage classroom training entirely online. Learners can search and register for classes, trainers can mark attendance, and managers can monitor completions seamlessly online.

and more...

ImplementHIT partnered with AHIMA in 2013 to produce the Physician ICD-10 training program.
We went through 6 versions of our training, starting with lots of animation, audio and video, capturing physician feedback along the way. They consistently asked for high yield information on exactly what they need to know, nothing more, nothing less. That is what they gave them, and they love the result!
Click here to preview Asthma
Click here to preview CABG
Available on Android and iPhone, search via voice or browse for a specific condition or diagnosis, and instantly receive the key documentation points for ICD-10. Favorites can be pre-configured to list the learner's top diagnosis, and the mobile can also be used to deliver instant customized support for your EHR.
Mobile App Video

Learners are saying great things...

"I have completed the skills specific to the Gastroenterology specialty and it is great, awesome, amazing, right-on!."

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Experiencing the ImplementHIT learning platform is a refreshing new way for receiving clinical and practice management education.

Jill Olmstead, MSN, NP-CProvider Liaison Revenue Cycle, Coding Services - St. Joseph Heritage

ImplementHIT has the right approach to physician education. Focused learning in small bites works because the physician is in control of when learning happens...engaging physicians on their terms is always the most effective strategy.

Dr. Rich Garcia MD, MPP, MHAMedical Director, Emergency Department, - Beverly Hospital

In a healthcare environment where providers are facing increased quality and performance demands, ImplementHIT's targeted approach to deliver education is extremely efficient.

Ingrid Vasiliu-Feltes, MD, MBAChief Medical Officer - ChimeraCare International

There is NO other clinician training solution out there that comes remotely near ImplementHIT.  Their software saves time and money…neither one of these can be wasted in healthcare.

Eric Quinones, M.D.National Director, Healthcare - Slalom Consulting

ImplementHIT has fundamentally changed the way we prepare providers for EMR implementation. We now have a track record of training over 1300 providers online noting that no provider had to miss a day of work (or day off) to prepare for CPOE

Joseph Colorafi MDCMIO - Dignity Health

We've really accelerated the work we've been doing. Providing more effective, high-impact, high value training to the EMR users

Don MacArthurAmbulatory EHR Implementation Lead - Alberta Health Services

We were looking for a tool that allowed easy scheduling, tracking and reporting of our agency's training. ImplementHIT offers a customizable solution that will streamline our internal training process, create a centralized learning solution for new employees and increase training accessibility to our physicians and nurses.

Jody SenalikEHR Project Manager - Springfield Clinic, LLP

We've had a lot of positive feedback about the (ICD-10) skills, and absolutely everyone LOVES the mobile app

Joanne AllenRevenue Improvement Coordinator​ - Georgetown Hospital System

Meet the Team

  • Andres Jimenez MD Founder & CEO

    Dr. Jimenez was the former Clinical Director of content and online training for Allscripts, and spent 6 years researching the use of technology to train physicians as part of his dissertation research in adult learning. As a physician, Dr. Jimenez knows how important it is to ensure training delivered to his peers is relevant, and not wasteful of their time. Dr. Jimenez founded ImplementHIT in 2009 with the goal of training faster, and is a nationally recognized expert on physician training.​

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  • Gary Dejarnett CTO

    After graduating from Texas Tech University with a BBA in Management Information Systems, Gary was employed by the university for 16 years as a programmer and programmer/analyst. In 2009 Gary joined Dr. Jimenez at ImplementHIT where they began building the current team of expert IT personnel who eventually developed the current line of ImplementHIT software products.

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  • Ajay Prabhakar Lead Engineer

    Ajay Prabhakar is the Chief Engineer at ImplementHIT. He has over 7 years of stack and interface engineering experience. An alumni of Anna University, he started his career at a University venture funded company. He is interested in several technology verticals including UX, Natural Language processing and distributed computing. At ImplementHIT, he codes on the AppEngine and talks in Java.​

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  • George Vedamanickam Senior Programmer, Mobile Apps

    With an eye for design and User Interfaces, George joined ImplementHIT in 2010 and is now the Lead Developer for Mobile Apps. George has over 8 years of experience as a software developer and is also our Networking and Server Management consultant.​

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Meet our Advisors

  • Richard Garcia MD, MPP, MHA

    Dr. Garcia is the Medical Director of the Emergency Department at Beverly Hospital in Los Angeles California, Physician Consultant for Meditech, and Nuance Physician Advocate for Meditech and Dragon Medical.

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  • Doug Gentile MD, MBA

    He is the Director of Clinical Information systems, and practicing Emergency Medicine physician at Fletcher Allen Health Care​. He is also the former Chief Medical Officer of Allscripts.

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  • Shashi Tripathi CIO of Springfield clinic

    Mr. Tripathi is CIO of Springfield clinic, and recently named by CIO magazine as among their top 100 IT Leaders. Mr. Tripathi is now at Springfield clinic in Springfield Illinois.

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  • Bob Smith EdD, MCP

    Dr. Smith is the Program Manager for Education, Training, and Exercise for the Office of Emergency Management at the Department of Veterans Affairs in Martinsburg, WV. Dr. Smith is also an adjunct faculty member with in the Instructional Design for On-Line Learning Department at Capella University in Minneapolis, MN.

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